We asked a few real estate agents using Straight2Voicemail about their best-performing voicemail scripts, and here’s what we found. There’s nothing special about why it’s effective! It’s just about simple human communication that’s automated to help save your time while being productive. With the right real estate agent voicemail scripts, you can put your broadcast promos, execute timely updates, and deal flow on auto-pilot.

Straight2Voicemail provides an opportunity for real estate agents to run their businesses more efficiently.

Reports have shown that 80% of early millennials, 80% of later millennials, and 75% of Gen X researched milestone purchases like their first car or home on their smartphone

Here are just some of the ways realtors who use Straight2Voicemail to broadcast voicemails to optimize their sales and relationship-building process.

Real Estate Agent Voicemail Scripts Examples

New Property on the Market Voicemail Script

Hi Rod, This is YOUR NAME from Best Real Estate. A property has just been listed that meets pretty much all your criteria. You can check it out on INSERT WEBSITE CALL-TO-ACTION To get first access to it please contact me ASAP.

Auction Reminders Voicemail Script

Hi Rod, This is YOUR NAME from Best Real Estate. Looking forward to seeing you at the auction tomorrow. It starts at 12, I’ll be there at 11.30. Any queries just give me a call. Otherwise, see you there.

Appraisal Requests Voicemail Script

Hi Rod, YOUR NAME here from Best Real Estate we have just sold no   In your street and are currently offering free appraisals. We have some very keen buyers. Please message or call for an appointment to suit you.

Potential Buyer Follow Up Voicemail Script

Hi Rod, Value here from Best Real Estate we would like to call you at a time that suits you to discuss our next step in securing the right property for you.

New Property Alert Voicemail Script

Hi Rod, Value here from Best Real Estate we have a new property that has just come on the market which I thought would suit your family. Give me a buzz back when you can.

Tenant Smoke Alarm Reminder Voicemail Script

Value here from Best Real Estate you have an appointment tomorrow for 9:30 am to check your smoke alarm. Please reply “Yes” to confirm or call 02 9000 0000 to reschedule. 

About Straight2Voicemail

Is email dead? No. But the benefit of Voicemail and SMS broadcast is that option and click-through rates simply perform better.

This is what we do at Straight2Voicemail. We are a specialized marketing solution bridging the gap between digital media and personalized conversation.

We offer an innovative way to connect with your clients by placing a message you record directly in thousands of your client’s voicemail inboxes without their mobile ringing.

With voicemail “listen rates” at over 95% and no charges if a message doesn’t get through, straight2voicemail should be the next step in your marketing campaign.

We also offer ultra-competitive pricing on SMS broadcasting to help you with your text-message marketing.

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