What is straight2voicemail?

A service that allows you to place a message directly in a group of people’s voicemail inbox without their phone ringing.

Can I leave a voicemail messages on a land line?

No, this service only works to connect to the voicemail of mobile users.

Will the recipient's phone ring?

Usually no but very occasionally the recipient may get an abbreviated half ring however the message will still go directly to the recipient’s voicemail.

What happens once I sign up?

You are emailed your secure portal login details for the broadcast service and can start sending voicemails.

Direct & Instant

Using Straight2voicemail’s advanced voicemail placement, SMS, and MMS broadcast technology gives you the ability to get your message out whatever the media type.

How do I upload numbers?

From within the portal either copy and paste comma separated numbers directly into the portal or upload a csv or xls file.

How do I record my message?

From within the portal either upload a wav or mp3 file or call your phone and follow the voice promtps

Does it matter what carrier the recipient is on?

No it doesn’t as long as it is an Australian mobile number.


We can help with professional recordings and script writing.

Can I schedule my voicemail send out?

Yes, you can schedule your send out for a future time and date.

Are their any additional charges for the broadcast service?

We do not charge any extra, all call charges are included in your plan.

Can I repeat my voicemail send out?

Yes, you can easily repeat your send out on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Voicemail usually lets you redial the person that left the message, what happens in this case?

A caller ID is set so the recipient can call you back from within the voicemail. It is also recommended to leave your return number.

Ease of Management

Use our simple to use cloud based platform to manage all your sends and view reporting in real time.

Any Questions? Any Concerns?

Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will get back. We are here to help.