As mortgage brokers who are out on the road speaking to many clients. You know that a personal and relevant experience is vital in being able to help your clients feel safe and secure in their buying decision. Voicemail marketing is a vehicle you can use to deliver this and expand your business. Here are some handy scripts you can use;

Appointment Reminder

Hello Rod, this is Star from Top Dog mortgage brokers. I’m looking forward to our scheduled meeting tomorrow. Please reply yes or no to confirm.

News for Clients

Hi Rod , this is Star from Top……………Good news your interest rates have dropped by……I’ve just checked that your bank had dropped your rate. As always please contact me if you need any help.

New Business

Hello Rod, Star here from Top………we would love the opportunity to try and organise a better interest rate for you. A mortgage review with us would cost you nothing yet save you money. We pride ourselves on achieving the best rates for our clients.

Expanding Business

Hi Rod, Star here from Top……We are entering the field of retirement planning utilising top experts available at competitive rates. Would love the opportunity of getting you in on this top deal. When is a good time for me to explain it to you? Keep well!

Touch Base and Follow Up

Hello RodStar here from Top……just checking all is going well with our services from your end. Please contact me anytime. I am here to help you.

About straight2voicemail

We are a specialised marketing solution bridging the gap between digital media and personalised conversation.

We offer an innovative way to connect with your clients by placing a message you record directly in thousands of your client’s voicemail inbox without their mobile ringing.

With voicemail listen rates at over 95% and no charges if a message doesn’t get through, straight2voicemail should be the next step in your marketing campaign.

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