In the world of digital marketing, it is not unusual for people to forget about call centre technology. This is certainly to their detriment as it has moved way past randomly dialled phone calls and forced scripts to include a level of automation via actions such as ringless voicemail.

This marketing trend is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Ringless voicemail is an effective contact option that utilises a recorded message or sales pitch dropped directly into voicemails without a phone even ringing once.

Straight2Voicemail are the masters when it comes to this impressive tech and have detailed some of the key benefits of this software for business owners below. Read on to learn about the opportunities to engage the right audience through ringless voicemail.

The primary benefits of ringless voicemail for a business

Ringless voicemail marketing effortlessly sends a personalised marketing pitch with ringless voicemail technology. There are many benefits and reasons why ringless voicemail should be on your radar.

Greater customer responses

Targeting your customers at the right hour increases the chance of a response. Have you ever been interrupted by a marketing pitch or cold call which instantly puts you on the back foot? Avoid this with ringless voicemail, a direct-to-voicemail method that places your message in the customer’s ear at a time that suits them. This flexibility leads to customers responding positively when compared to a cold call strategy.

Improves your sales pitch

Your marketing pitch is crucial, and this is much easier to create with a quality script via ringless voicemail as opposed to an on-the-fly live call. You can take your time to send a perfect pitch designed to engage the audience in their comfort space. An impactful message is concise, error-free, informative, and relevant, with some authoritative tone to highlight a call-to-action.

Target a vast audience

Target more with a message from software that will automatically dispatch your communication with minimal manual work required. This not only gives staff more time to devote to customers that respond, but it means you can contact more people in less time, creating a wide net.

Improve productivity

As mentioned in the last point, ringless voicemail frees up the time of your team, creating a focus on productivity. Successful lead generation is linked to the quality management of your resources.

Ringless voicemail is a software-run automated system, activating more than one campaign simultaneously giving staff more time to respond to customers. You can also retarget customers to close more sales in quicker succession.

Access to statistics

Ringless voicemail utilises many of the elements of other digital marketing strategies to improve the quality of your results and overall plan. Targeting through campaigns while using live stats and reports to see progress and tweak your approach is very beneficial.

Ringless voicemails offer valuable insights when it comes to the management of campaigns. You can use various metrics to learn details about the campaign, understand and measure the progress, and improve. Data is easily imported to help make the right decisions based on real KPIs.

Assured listenership

A message delivered straight to a voicemail inbox hands control of the action over to the customer. This is classed as an empathetic marketing approach which also increases the chance that the customer will listen to the entire message. The recipient also has the option to play the message over if important bits are missed the first time.

A cost-effective strategy for engagement

The marketing budget always needs to be considered, and the best outcome is always to get more with less. Ringless voicemail ticks this box significantly as it is mostly automated. This means fewer resources are required to manage and implement the whole marketing strategy. Do with few what would otherwise take an entire team to action.

The cost of implementing ringless voicemail is also much lower when compared to having all of the actions performed by staff.

Non-intrusive method

Any strategy that considers the customer will always be a success, and ringless voicemails are not only a way to impress customers but also show you are considerate of their time. As one of the friendliest delivery models you can access, the user’s voicemail inbox is accessed silently, giving them the option to play the message whenever they like. This means the message is not forced upon the customer in a world where so many often are. The customer being given the choice to engage is an important element to success.

A simple to implement solution

If the above benefits seem like a good fit for your customer engagement methods, it is very easy to adopt the ringless voicemail service with Straight2Voicemail. Increase customer engagement with the help of our dynamic team and state-of-the-art call centre technology.

Benefit from ringless voicemail today with the experts at Straight2Voicemail

Up the effectiveness of your marketing strategy to see results with help from the experts at Straight2Voicemail today. Our dedicated team of professionals in Sydney offers a range of software-based strategies to help you grow your business via Voicemail, SMS, and MMS placement technology.

Are you unsure how this all fits into your current strategy? We can help with that. Our skilled team members will customise the solution to what works best for your business and clientele with consideration to the current forms of contact you have. Marketing is never a one-size-fits-all approach, and we work with you to make sure you’ll get the most benefits out of our software.

Take advantage of a specialised marketing solution that combines digital media and personalised touchpoints to connect with your clientele. Straight2Voicemail is a crucial element of your overall marketing campaign that gives you a leg-up over your competition. Let’s chat about your strategy today!

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