Send Voicemail, SMS & MMS for just pennies on the dollar.


Send Ringless Voicemail

Your voice, your return number, thousands of voicemail inboxes within a few clicks.

Send SMS Broadcasts

Send SMS broadcasts on their own and/or follow up on your voicemail with an SMS at any time after the voicemail has been placed.

Send MMS Broadcasts

Broadcast multimedia messages using video, pictures, or sound.

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Why Does Text Message & Voicemail Marketing Work?


20% of phone users check their text notifications within one minute.


85% of phone owners have used text messages for promotions, appointments, or brand updates.


90% of SMS are read in the first three minutes


MMS broadcasts have a 50% higher open rate compared to email.

One Voice. Thousands of Listeners.

What Makes Straight 2 Voicemail So Great?

Automated Outreach

Improve sales processes and increase efficiency. Record one voice message and send it to 1 to 1 million people at the click of a button.

Higher Conversions

Get your message heard and read! Use Voicemail and Text Message combos to increase your key performance metrics.

Massive Text Blasts

Save your time by eliminating repetitive tasks. Straight2voicemail allows you to set your return mobile number and send SMS, and MMS from our single platform.

MMS Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words! - Texts with images have more than 50% higher CTR than email.

Zapier Integration

Get access to over 4,000 ways to integrate Straight 2 Voicemail into your favorite platform or app.

Salesforce Integration

Add Straight 2 Voicemail to the most popular  CRMs in the world.

Competitive Pricing

Start sending SMS for as low as 3.9 cents per number and 11.7 cents per Voicemail.

Successful Delivery Confirmation

You only pay for successful sends. Period!


Schedule and drip send to ensure the speed and time at which you are sending voicemails corresponds to the time you are available to receive the callback and close the deal.

Responsive Engagement

Straight2voicemail software allows you to deliver your message, from your return phone number allowing your audience to call you back at a time that is convenient for them.

Instant Responses

Use your voice to connect instantly with online customers by automatically sending a voicemail after your online form has been filled with a Zapier integration. Follow up with an SMS at a set period afterwards bringing the client back to your site!

Report & Refine

With our reporting, you can see exactly who received a voicemail, SMS, or MMS. You can drip-send voicemails and schedule the best delivery time!

Start Sending For Free.

Watch How S2VM can help your business.

No credit card required. Set up your first SMS or Voicemail campaign in a flash.

Popular Industries.

Who uses Straight 2 Voicemail? Here are a few popular industries.

Photographer Studio & Small Business Owners

Private & Family Practice Offices

Non-profits & Event Planners

Real Estate Agents

Used Car Dealerships

Influencers & Ecommerce

Straight 2 voicemail Integrations

Send Voicemail and SMS directly from your CRM


Through the Straight2voicemail Zapier integration, you can connect directly with over 4000+ different systems and applications


Streamline your CRM workflow with a direct connection to our Salesforce Application


Integrate with our powerful APIs and create useful value adds to your core offers.

What is SMS Broadcasting?

How does Text Message Marketing Work? Read More

Text Message Marketing For Businesses

What are best practices for using SMS for your product or service?  Read more 

Straight 2 Voicemail FAQs

Is there a Zapier integration with Straight 2 Voicemail??

Absolutely! You can use Zapier with Straight2voicemail's voicemail and SMS functionality. Automatically trigger voicemail and SMS from over 3000 different applications. Click here for the S2VM Zapier app.

Is there a Sales Force Integration with Straight 2 Voicemail?

Yes! You can use Salesforce with straight2voicemail's voicemail placement and SMS functionality directly from within Salesforce. Click here to use the Salesforce S2VM app.

How does Voicemail Drop Delivery work?

It's super easy! All you need to do is upload your voicemail verify your phone number in your dashboard and then send your voicemail drop using the recipient's standard voicemail service. Your recipients will listen to the voicemail and return your call when it is convenient for them!

How do I upload my Voicemail recording in Straight 2 Voicemail?

Record your professional messages in mp3, wav, or m4a format and upload them to our secure platform. You can also call your phone to make a recording or record the message directly using your web browser.

When can I send Voicemail or SMS Broadcasts?

You can schedule a specific time and date when you want your voicemail or SMS to be delivered. You can also choose the speed at which they are sent and stop and start sending at specific times each day.

Where can you broadcast SMS and Voicemails?

Currently, you can broadcast in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Our cloud-based solution is all hosted in Sydney Australia. All carrier SMS messaging is within Australia. This ensures SMS data doesn’t transact outside of Australia. This is one of the many reasons why enterprises across the country have chosen to utilize our products and services.

Can I measure my broadcast results in Straight 2 Voicemail?

Our reporting shows the results of which voicemail placements were successful and which weren't. It also gives a full history of the time and date at which SMS and MMS were sent. You are only charged if a voicemail is successfully placed.

Can I choose when to automate my broadcasts?

Yes. Your deliveries can be scheduled and sent automatically. Some customers get too many callbacks so we have developed the ability to choose your send speed and a set time window in which you would like to send. I.e You can set a speed say 1 voicemail sent every 5 minutes and schedule a start and stop time. Each day it will start and stop at that time.

Can I send SMS follow ups with my Voicemail broadcasts?

Yes. You have the ability to automatically trigger an SMS after a voicemail has been placed or a different SMS if our system does not detect voicemail on the recipient's phone.

Can credits be refunded?

Yes. On any credit package involving 200 credits or less. Credits will never expire.

Please note that refunds are not provided for purchases of 200 credits or more made through our Straight 2 Voicemail service. Once credits are transferred, they are considered used and cannot be refunded. This policy is in place ensure the integrity of our credit system.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy or any other aspect of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you and ensure your experience with [Your Business Name] is positive and satisfactory.

Changes to this Policy:
We reserve the right to modify this refund policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. 

Are there MMS Media Options?

You bet! Straight2voicemail supports 1500 characters and all types of video, picture, and audio for MMS!


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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.


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